Family Reconcilation

The 5th World Ecoacoustics Congress is a child-friendly meeting. Therefore, the WEC has tried to ensure the incorporation of some family reconciliation strategies and is an event where families are welcome. These measures include:

The option to register dependent minors as companions, as well as another adult to assist with parental care tasks, at no additional cost except if the catering service of the congress is desired, in which case the cost of the companions' meals will need to be paid. This can be done by sending an email to with the people you want to add.

Set up a room for breastfeeding and feeding of non-breastfeeding infants, with chairs, tables, sockets (for breast pumps or bottle warmers) and microwaves.

Given that the UAM campus has landscaped and pedestrian areas, if the weather permits, the little ones will be able to enjoy (always under the supervision of their accompanying caregiver) outdoor recreation areas.

It is expressly allowed for attendees with breastfeeding infants to breastfeed at any time and place during the congress. Likewise, children are welcome in common areas and may participate in social events if desired by the responsible adults.

If any participant has specific family reconciliation needs requiring additional support beyond the measures mentioned, they can contact the organization at the following address: