10th Anniversary

Ten years ago, the idea to invite researchers working in ecoacoustics without knowing they were ecoacousticians came from an Italian car journey from Urbino to Bologna. A few months later, thanks to the help of a great Italian-French team, including Diego Llusia, the organiser of the 5th World Ecoacoustics Congress, a meeting of more than 100 people was held at the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle in Paris, France. This was an inspiring starting point for creating the International Society of Ecoacoustics and a long story of forthcoming congresses in America, Australia and Europe.

Ten years has passed since the society was founded; ten years of acoustic recorder deployments in the field, acoustic analyses, automatic identification, data visualisation and many other techniques developed. Ten years of passionate research on sound, ecology and conservation. Join us in Madrid in 2024 for the historic 10th Anniversary of the Society!!

Jérôme Sueur (Museum nationale d’Histoire naturelle, MNHN, France)

Almo Farina (Università di Urbino Carlo Bo, Italy)


“​​Ecoacoustics is defined as a theoretical and applied discipline that studies sound along a broad range of spatial and temporal scales in order to tackle biodiversity and other ecological questions. The use of sound as a material from which to infer ecological information enables ecoacoustics to investigate the ecology of populations, communities, and landscapes”.


Sueur & Farina (2015) Biosemiotics